We Got Him!

We got our new little pet bun bun on tuesday of last week! His origional name was barry but, we changed it to Dougie…he looks like a Dougie! He is a californian rabbit…all white except for gray spot on the nose and his ears are gray! He is way bigger than my other bunny I had growing up! He’s a cutie…but definitely a “daddy’s” bunny. He has bitten me 3 times…not cool. I think he is just getting used to his new environment!

Anyways….today i found my MC ball dress! or so I think….I bought it and it’s beautiful but im not “in love’ with it! Soooo i might have to look around maybe a little more this week! Its black…floor length…has a low cut back and halter top cut and cute diamond prints all over the collar and back…I dunno we”ll see!

I’m kind of bummed…this year I think will be the only year i am not going to do anything pretty cool/extravegant/partying…for Halloween! Andrew I know just isn’t really into it which is normal for a dude and I just dont have the motivation/time to go out and buy a costume just for one night when we don’t even have any plans! Oh well…no big…

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Our New pet

Andrew and I decided that we need a pet around the house. We can’t get a dog yet because our place doesn’t allow them (urgh!) and we don’t know where we will be stationed in the next 3 months! We both despise cats, hamsters, reptiles (me)….so we decided we are getting a Bunny! We both had them growing up and we think it will be fun to have a little guy to take care of… We would have had this bunny already, however let me tell you… Andrew is a researcher… when he has an idea or anything he wants to get into…he researches every single aspect of it! I am the opposite way, so that is one of the qualities i love about him! I get to sit back and do nothing and end up with the best quality things…or in this case a pet! He researched the best “pet’ rabbits for three days and now he is researching bunny cages! ( all night!) lol I want to call him a nerd but i can’t make fun of him, he’s just a good investor…

Anyways, im feeling pretty down lately as i notice that my days left with Andrew are getting limited and actually “countable” now until his deployment…seven freaking months! I am supposed to finish up school, get a new job, save alot of money, and…move back in with my parents for that seven months…they are nice people who i love to death but…they are helping my sister out right now and she moved back in with her four dogs! They’re are 6 dogs in that household and three i am allergic to…so we”ll see how this goes :/ I am not looking forward to these seven months without my loving hubby, six dogs, allergies…and a few other things…atleast i’ll have my bunny bun! 😀

Anywho…i need to do some major shopping this weekend! Marine Corps ball is around the corner and i don’t have anything to wear yet! eek! Also…major house detailing this weekend because the in-laws are coming to stay next weekend!! I am excited, i couldn’t have been accepted into a better family then my hubby’s fam! xoxo

Thoughts of the day! i am done with my rambling!

til next time!

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